Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Thoughtful Entrepreneurs - Uncover 7 Ways To Convert Knowledge Into Money

By Beverly K Taylor 

You can convert your expertise into money. How? By making information products containing your expertise. Tell your story about how you triumphed over adversity. Share your passion in the form of information products and a coaching program that shows your niche market a way can be found to improve their situation. You already have a sphere of influence when it comes to your trade or expertise. You already know something that can improve things. Your expertise is worth money. And rightly so! Keep reading to uncover how to use the internet to convert your knowledge into money:
1. Read through online discussion boards and look at the complaints of people. Look for patterns of complaints. Connect with these people empathetically by sharing solutions that actually relieve their pain and suffering. This will attract people to your website and convert them into paying customers and clients.
2. By recognizing the complaints found on discussion boards, you can see what information products to make and sell to your niche market. Make a product for each step of your system or process for solving the individual problems found within your profession. This is another way to bring in supplement revenue together with your amazing coaching program.
3. Promote your information products by developing the amazingly effective marketing technique called article marketing. Even if you think you are not a writer, you really are. You do write emails, correct? You do send birthday cards or other types of greeting cards, right? Well, that makes you a writer. Just write from your heart about ideas to improve your ideal prospect's common complaints that no one else has solved. They will get the message that you really do care about them and are the 'go to' source to solve their problems.
4. Thoroughly do market research and find a niche that already has money to pay you to share your expertise before you start creating information products. It is better to pick something you know or that you are interested in knowing.
5. Build a list and market your expert knowledge to your list. You do this by exchanging an ebook or an audio download in exchange for the prospect's email address. After you get the email address, stay in touch sending them more and more solutions to their problems. This is how you build your relationship and trust with your prospect.
6. Do an email marketing campaign that shares your knowledge and information to improve the lives of your niche.
7. Hire a coach to help you streamline your process of sharing your knowledge globally. It will save you time, money and frustration in the long run.
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