Saturday, 21 May 2011

Top 5 Ways To Grow Your Business

By Kelly Lynn Adams 

This posting is for all my entrepreneurs out there!
Last week in my newsletter I posted the top 5 ways (that I have personally used in my own business) to grow my "list" aka database, aka audience that is interested in hearing from you! The email responses were great and everyone loved the tips so I figured I would share with everyone so here goes:
Here are the top 5 ways to grow your list!
1. Offer A FREE Gift - on your website! This can be a free guide, report, video series, plan, or manifesto! When people visit your website you should have an "opt-in" box where they can put their name and email address in order to get your FREE product. Who doesn't like receiving something FREE (make sure this item contains valuable content) and if visitors see that they will get something free if they opt-in to your database they are more likely to do so.
2. Write Articles and/or Comments - Writing articles for any online magazine or even being a guest blogger is a great way to gain tons of exposure to a new audience. If writing is not your thing then simply visiting other people's blogs or online magazines and leaving your comments & website in the space that they provide you is also another excellent way for exposure! I have had many people "find" me on blogs and online magazines that I write for and sign up for my newsletter simply because they liked my content!
3. Strategic Partnership - Aligning yourself with someone who you would like to partner up with to do an event, teleclass or workshop is a sure quick way to build up your list and theirs! This way you are getting exposure to their audience and vice versa! As people register for the event make sure to add those new names to your database! In this case two is always better than one. This is a total win/win situation!
4. Social Media - Simply by being on facebook and twitter will increase your chances of meeting new people. If you start interacting with others on a daily or weekly basis you will naturally and authentically attract people to your site (*note: make sure to post valuable & cool content). As long as you are being yourself or posting things that resonate with you the right people will be attracted to you & your website!
5. Speaking Events - This is one of the BEST ways to gain new prospects for your business. I know some of us have a fear around public speaking but I say "just do it" and get over that fear, the more speaking events you do the better you will become. Practice makes perfect. You can do a raffle or simply pass around a sign-up sheet (to collect everyone's name & contact info) for any future offerings that you will be doing.
Please comment below if you have any other tips that you have used in your business to grow your list~I would love to hear from you!
Kelly Lynn Adams, Empowerment Life Coach
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