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How You Can Start Living Your Dream Starting Today?

By Mamiko Ito

If money was not an issue, what would you like to do? It is one of the questions I always like to ask in my coaching sessions. Many people tell me that they want to spend more time with their family, build a school for orphans, travel around the world - all are beautiful dreams. But most dreams are too vague and lack in both timeline and immediate action. This is why people don't really fell excited and get lost in daily life of busyness.

We all have dreams for someday - someday when I have more money and time, someday when my children grow up, someday when I'm more experienced in my job... but when is "someday"? We often use lack of money or time as an excuse for not doing anything. And if you are enduring hard work and stress for 40 years in order to retire rich to enjoy your life, you are missing out the best time in your life. Remember time will never be perfect and the universe will never set up everything for you. But when you say "I'm going to do this no matter what", the universe will provide you all the resources you need to achieve your goal.

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.- Japanese proverb

Instead of waiting for "someday", why don't you set smaller dreams every 6-12 months that excite you and pump up your adrenalin? If you want to travel around the world, why don't you start with one month back-packing in Asia? If you want to spend more time with your family, set a more specific goal like going for a camping trip in New Zealand for 2 weeks. If you want to build a school in India, contact non-profit organization that is involved in the same area, find out how much it costs to build a school and raise fund by organizing a charity event, or sign up as a volunteer trip for 3 weeks?

When you break down your dream into smaller chunks, most of them will look more realistic. And it often costs much less than what you think. For example, round the world ticket of from LA, Hong Kong, Bangkok, India, Europe, NY to LA costs only US$2,289. Sailing around the world for a year costs much less than paying a rent for a year. A brand new Porsche Carrera can costs $430,000-440,000 but second hand can costs less than $100,000. Building a school in a third-world country costs as low as $8,500.

If you change location, things can be much more affordable. With $550 a month, you can live in a penthouse apartment in Buenos Aires. A full-course French dinner with candlelight costs only $15 in Bali. How about a beautiful private pool villa in Bali for $135 a night?

Here is the next step. When you picked a dream, decide when you want to make it happen. If you want it in 6 months, divide the price of your dream by 6, if 12 months, divide by 12. For example, if your timeline is 12 months, your round the world ticket costs only $190 a month. A school in Africa costs $708 per month. Does it sound more achievable? Definitely! Once you figure out your dream, timeline and cost of your dream, the "how" will come in much easier.

Difference between rich people and poor people is when they see someone very successful, rich people think of "how" they can do to be like them while poor people think of excuses why they can't be like them. Having smaller but exciting goals make you more excited and productive at work. Once you taste the zest of your dream, I'm sure you'd love to do it again and again.

Put the picture of your dream vacation, mark the calendar, make a dream account and start putting money. Start talking to people about your dream so that you feel more committed to make it happen.

Talk to people who have done what you'd like to. They'll share all the experiences, tricks and tips and you'll be more convinced to make it happen. You can even book a non-refundable ticket to really push you!

When you start feeling what it is like to live your dream, you'll attract more of what you want. Let's stop living for "someday" and start living a dream you've always wanted. Someday will never come if you wait. You have to go out and make it happen. What are you going to do next?

Mamiko established businesses on 2 continents, and with her partner she grew them into half million dollar ventures in less than a year. As the founder and CEO of Abundant Women and Co-Founder and Master Trainer of The Learning Partner - the fastest growing personal development company in Latin America, she is devoted to empowering women to build and grow successful businesses and achieve financial freedom. She has worked with millionaire women in around the world and started the women empowerment movement in Singapore.
Mamiko's high-energy and enchanting style keeps her audience spellbound. Her explicit knowledge and fortitude attracted thousands of people around the world, and she has quickly become an inspiration to a new generation of Asian women.

Mamiko coaches women around the world to help turn their passions and talents into a profitable business. Her simple and proven strategies help many women & men make more money, create a lifestyle that they want, and live a life based on passion and purpose.

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