Sunday, 22 January 2012

When Investing In Yourself Isn't About The Money

By Doreen M Rainey

Invest in yourself.

Most of us have heard this term many times. It means that you have decided to be in the driver's seat of your life and be responsible for improving yourself so that you can achieve whatever goals you have.

Whether you want to move up the corporate ladder, grow your business, get healthier, improve your communication skills or gain more confidence, courage, power or inner strength, you have to be willing to invest in getting the support, information, and tools you need make those objectives a reality.

And investment doesn't necessarily mean money.

It can be an investment of time. Maybe you get up earlier, stay up later, or stop doing other things that take up your time to make room for your self-improvement. You use that time to read, study, listen, meditate, reflect, journal, plan, strategize or implement.

But this article isn't about whether you have the time or money to invest in yourself. This article is about why you don't invest - even when you have both.

This came to the forefront of my mind when I remembered talking with a woman last year who said she really wanted to start a business. Having worked in corporate for almost 20 years, she stated she knew she needed to work with a coach/mentor so that she could shorten her learning curve and get moving faster with the right processes to get clients and generate revenue. However, she just didn't have the money.

We talked periodically over the next several months. Then, earlier this year, she told me she had been GIFTED a $10,000, 12 month business coaching program. Yes - gifted. Free. At no cost. And she was over the top excited.

The program was made up of a small group of new business owners who would receive core strategies and processes to build a six figure business. She happily accepted. What were her results? She attended 4 sessions the first couple of months, dropped off the coach's radar and didn't complete the program.

That's when it hit me. It's not about the money, or the time, that some people don't invest in themselves. It's much deeper than that.

It's fear!

Fear is the reason why you can hand someone exactly what they say they need on a silver platter and they still don't accept it, use it or benefit from it.

Here are 5 sneaky ways fear shows up to rob people of investing in themselves:

They are comfortable in their misery and dissatisfaction. They have been there so long, the idea of doing something proactive to change their situation is just too uncomfortable.
The ego won't allow them to actually accept that they need help from someone else. They worry about what people will think if they actually seek out help - from a coach, mentor, therapist, boss, manager, friend or family.
They are scared to death. If they put themselves in a position to get what they need to move forward - they will actually have to do it. Change. Be different. Take action.
They fear they will get what they want. They will attain success - and that is more scarier than staying where they are. They wonder if they will change, if their friends or family will see them differently. If they'll have to let some people go.
They doubt they are really worth it. They don't value themselves, their gifts, or their talents enough to know that they are worth every minute and every dime they invest in themselves.
Whether you are one that readily invests in yourself, or if you fall under one of those 5 scenarios, continually seeking out ways to learn, grow and expand your knowledge base, circle of influence, and inner strength is what makes this journey of life interesting.

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