Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Become an Entrepreneur Through the Power of Your Customer List


Your customer list is the most powerful audience for developing a new business. If you're ready to start your next entrepreneurial venture, look to your list to help you build a successful business before you create a single product.
As an entrepreneur, you can't create a business first, then try to convince people to buy what you're pitching. Most of the time you're wrong. The best way to start and grow a new business idea is to grow straight to your customers.
You don't want to ask your customer demographic what they're looking for. This will lead you to the wrong place. Your customers don't know what they want until you deliver it.
However, your customer list will help you indirectly. You can look at their buying habits, the questions they email you, and even the surveys they answer. The secret to your list, is using it to hone in on their biggest problem, the golden issue that keeps these customers awake at night.
Once you use your list to discover the problem, you can use it to laser focus the product, find out how much they'll spend, and test the specific words that will get their attention.
Using this technique, your odds of success will swing higher in your favor. As an entrepreneur, it's your job to create the new product, but you can't do it in a vacuum. Allowing your targeted list to help guide your way towards your next business venture, will position your business successfully from day one.
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